Districts of South Dakota and North Dakota

We are dedicated to providing effective, quality legal representation to indigent persons accused of federal crimes.

Goals of the Organization

  1. We will provide our clients with effective, quality legal services. We are committed to excellence.
  2. We will zealously represent our clients' interests with courage, devotion, and uncompromised advocacy according to the law and to the utmost of our learning and ability.
  3. We will respect the human worth and dignity of our clients and will endeavor to understand their cultural backgrounds.
  4. We will deal ethically with our clients, the courts, and all other representatives of the criminal justice system.
  5. We will provide assistance to all attorneys who are appointed to represent indigent clients.
  6. The Office will provide an environment that enables its employees to provide quality legal services.
  7. The Office will use efficiently its physical and human resources.
  8. The Office will provide equal opportunity to all employees and potential employees.
  9. The Office's management will be effective and fiscally responsible. The Office will be managed in accordance with generally accepted principles for organizations of a similar size, scope, and purpose, but only to the extent that those principles do not interfere with the quality of our legal services.